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Excellence doesn’t have an age, it doesn’t recognize colors, it doesn’t have borders. Excellence is an art with out limits, is the siluet's reflection of a person's beaty. The first 5 manuels, Mom amd Me, Tots, Kinder and Pre K, and the last not the least Coaches is free: the paper version, but we need your donation of $10 only! If you are into gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatic gymnastics, cheerleading, ballet, aerobics, dance, salsa, Martial Arts and need instructions manuels just click on the text book you want and donate on line, if is an specific manuel write all what you need and we will write a curriculum. If you want a manuel design and tailored for your own gym just e-mail us and we will write it. please click on any of the buttons of our menu to the left or above on the Application and upload all your information, let us serve yours and ours Children. Gymnastics is an sport practiced at an early years. We offer creative and exciting learning situation for children and parents. Children experience the thrill of simple motor movement and intellectual skills being performed for the first time, with the supervision of teachers and parents kids will get their goals. brings 40 years of experience by a group of dedicated parents, teachers, and coaches. Our goal at Prime is to provide the benefits of gymnastic training for all ages and to increase the awareness and participation in the sport of gymnastics. has Experience in both, recreational and competitive programs and offers a variety of classes from babies to Competitive Squad and trainers/coaches. Our trainers are Teachers who are Dynamic, High Energy, Attentive and Reliable.Trainers who are committed to develop a disciplined environment, promoting learning and minimizing disruptions. Our teachers go the extra mile for our customers. Basic coordination and awareness are aspects of fitness and physical development involved in making a gymnast. Flexibility, strength, agility and power are all incorporated into gymnastics training. It is our goal at to provide instruction with SAFETY, FUN, FITNESS and FUNDAMENTALS in mind. We take the gymnast capacities, and the difficulty of the exercise measure both of them, frame the skills and create time tables for a functional and accurate design of a curriculum with their respective lesson plan accordingly to the student until he or she becomes a gymnast one exercise at a time. Marcocomunicate with us E-MAIL US
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